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Wednesday, 21 December 2011 07:49

A Romantic Date with Coco Martin, Maja Salvador and Angeline Quinto

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Coco Martin. Photos by Marquicias Photography by Jun Angeles

Coco Martin, Maja Salvador and Angelie Quinto stormed Edmonton and captured the audience with Coco Martin's boyish and captivating smiles, Maja Salvador's staged outfit and entertaining acts and Angeline Quinto's powerful voice singing her winning numbers from the Star Power competition. The concert held at the Rivercree Casino last November 27, 2011 was filled to capacity with a range of audience from as young as three to eighty year old.

One surprises of the evening is Coco Martin's confession of his escapade here in Alberta. Martin chic and tell story of his life was an honest revelation of who really is Coco Martin. He admitted that he went to Lethbridge, Alberta to visit some relatives. Coco Martin was part of group promoting a film in Toronto in which he starred.

Looking for a greener opportunity he travelled from Toronto to Vancouver and ended up in Lethbridge. He dreamed of raising a family at the suburbs of Lethbridge where for nine months experienced how to live in a foreign country. He not ashamed to tell that he toiled as a janitor in a bingo hall and ride a riding mower to cut grass in Lloyminister. The hardship that he encountered was not the work but the feeling of loneliness and homesickness.

Without his Filipino friends life could be dull and empty. He thanked his relatives, his karaoke and drinking buddies. He emphatized the OFW for what they are going through being away from their loved ones. The experienced living in Alberta is a lesson in life that he can not forget pushing him to become stronger and to strive harder in life. One wish he wanted to have is to own and open up a Tim Horton's coffee shop.

The concert delivered what it was intended for to warm the hearts of the Filipinos separated by distance from their loved ones. To the Palabok House, especially Lydia Jimenez and Ed Gonzales, thank you for bringing these group of people in Edmonton.

Maja Salvador. Photos by Marquicias Photography
Angeline Quinto. Photos by Marquicias Photography
Spectators. Photos by Marquicias Photography
A lucky fan with Maja. Photos by Marquicias Photography
Coco Picks Granny Hermie in the Audience. Photos by Marquicias Photography
Coco Martin, Ed Gonzales (Palabok House) Angeline Quinto and Maja Salvador. Photos by Marquicias Photography
Coco Martin. Angeline Quinto, Lydia Jimenez and Maja Salvador. Photos by Marquicias Photography
Coco with a young fan. Photos by Marquicias Photography